12 Red Vegetable Plants For Your Garden

Growing red vegetables is a great way to brighten up your garden while also getting the extra nutritional benefits of these colorful vegetables.

Here are 12 beautiful red vegetables to plant in your garden.

Growing these vegetable plants from seed means that you can grow an abundance of bright red vegetables that you wouldn’t normally find in the grocery store.

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red vegetable plants


1. Swiss Chard

Chard is from the same vegetable family as beets and it’s available in a variety of colors including beautiful red stems with green leaves.

Both the leaves and the stalks are edible and the flavor is slightly bitter, similar to spinach.

The leaves can be eaten raw in salads and the stalks can be stir fried or used in soups.

swiss chard

2. Kale

Kale is available in many different varieties including some beautiful reddish purple varieties that look great in the garden.

Look for Red Russian Kale or Redbor to add color to your meals.

Young, tender kale leaves are perfect for salads. You can also stir fry or steam kale leaves.

red kale plant

3. Radish

Radishes are small, round red vegetables that are fast growing and ready to harvest in about four weeks after planting.

They don’t take up much space in the garden so they’re ideal for planting in between other vegetable plants.

Radishes have a peppery taste and they can be sliced thinly and added to salads or roasted for a more mellow flavor.

red radishes

4. Beets

Beets, also called beetroot, are a reddish purple root vegetable that is frost tolerant.

They’re ready to harvest between 45 to 65 days after planting and the root and leaves are both edible.

You can pick a few tender beet leaves for salads as the plants are growing.

red beets

5. Cabbage

Red cabbages are brightly colored vegetables from the cruciferous family that are ideal for making a colorful crunchy salad or coleslaw with.

Cabbages are cool season vegetables so it’s best to plant the seeds in late summer for a winter or spring harvest.

red cabbage

6. Tomatoes

Red tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetable garden plants but there are many different varieties that you can plant to make your garden more interesting.

Look for heirloom red tomatoes or red grape tomatoes to add to your salads or eat as a snack.

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tomato plant

7. Red potatoes

There are many different varieties of red potatoes that are ideal for roasting or making potato salads.

Red potatoes can be planted in spring after the last frost of the season and they take between 70 to 120 days to mature.

red potatoes

8. Red onions

Red onions are ideal for salads because they’re milder in flavor than regular onions.

They’re just as easy to grow as white or brown onions and you can tell when they’re ready to harvest because the tops will turn yellow and flop over.

red onions

9. Lettuce

Red lettuces look great in the garden and they’re ideal for brightening up your salads.

There are many different red lettuce varieties to choose from including red romaine and ruby red lettuce and they look great when planted alternately with green lettuces in the garden.

salad plants

10. Peppers

Red bell peppers are another popular red vegetable plant to include in your garden.

They’re attractive garden plants and you can even grow them in containers if you’re short on garden space.

Sweet bell peppers grow best in areas with warm temperatures in a spot with full sun.

Wait until the peppers are bright red before harvesting to get the sweetest fruit.

red bell peppers

11. Rhubarb

Rhubarb is an attractive vegetable plant with red stalks and green leaves.

The plants are frost tolerant and grow best in cool climates.

Rhubarb leaves are toxic so cut them off and put them in your compost bin.

The stalks are commonly used in dessert recipes like rhubarb pie or rhubarb crumble.

rhubarb plants

12. Radicchio

The last red vegetable plant on this list is radicchio, also known as an Italian chicory. [1]

It looks similar to red cabbage but it’s much more bitter in taste.

If you don’t mind bitterness you can eat it raw in salads or lightly saute it to reduce the bitter taste.

Radicchio grows best in a spot with full sun and it will tolerate light frosts.

red radicchio

So there are 12 gorgeous red vegetables to plant in your garden.

Growing some of these bright red vegetable plants will add color to your vegetable garden while also providing plenty of nutrients.


Have you tried growing any of these red vegetable plants in your garden? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Stephanie S

    This growing season I tried growing tomatoes. I did not have the best luck. But I did grow some red onion, and had the best luck with those! Great list. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. Melanie

    We love fresh veggies in our house, but I have never really thought about growing red vegetables. I may have to consider, as we love kale x

  3. Britt K

    I adore kale, but I’ve never considered growing red kale before. That being said, I am SO on board with this idea! We didn’t get much of a garden going this year with everything going on. However, last year we grew tomatoes and red peppers. They really did add a fun pop of colour to our home garden. You’ve inspired me – I’m going to have to search out some red kale seeds for next year!

  4. Lyosha

    I wish I had a garden to plant all of these red vegetables! Red lettuce seems the most useful option for my plate.

  5. Erica (The Prepping Wife)

    We eat red potatoes in my house quite often, as they are perfect for roasting in the oven and are delicious. I don’t even know why the idea of growing my own hadn’t crossed my mind! Now I want to give it a try. I also didn’t realize that radishes had such a short turn around time between being planted and being ready to eat. I learn a ton every time I visit your blog.

  6. Morgan Fitchett

    Yesss!! I love all the colour. These are some great ideas for the garden next year! Unfortunately, even though it’s only fall we’ve had snow a few days already here in Canada. I really wish we could have garden all year round. It seems like the season just keeps getting shorter and shorter.

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