How To Water Spider Plants

Spider plants (Chlorophytum) are popular, low maintenance houseplants that live for many years if given the right care.

How often you need to water your spider plant will depend on the temperature, location of the plant and the soil type.

In this article I’ll explain everything you need to know about watering spider plants so that your plants stay healthy and thriving for many years.

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How to water spider plants

The best way to water spider plants is to completely soak the potting soil and then allow it to dry out slightly before you water again.

Use filtered or rain water for best results.

Make sure the pot has drainage holes in the bottom and use a potting soil that is easily draining to avoid the soil becoming waterlogged.

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How often to water spider plants

It’s generally recommended that spider plants are watered once or twice weekly depending on how warm the temperature is and if they’re exposed to direct sun.

I have four large spider plants and six baby spider plants in my sunroom and I water them twice a week which they seem to like.

As the weather cools down I’ll reduce it to once weekly.

Before watering, check the soil with your finger to see if the top layer has dried out.

If the soil is still reasonably moist, wait another day or two before watering.

You can also use a soil moisture meter to tell you when the soil has dried out enough to water again.

If you’re new to caring for spider plants it’s a good idea to keep track of when you’ve watered by marking the date on a calendar or on your phone to develop a watering schedule.

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Spring / Summer Watering

Check your plants every few days during the spring and summer months and give them a deep watering when you notice the top layer of soil is dry.

Spider plants are actively growing during spring and summer so they’ll benefit from the addition of some liquid plant food to the water once a month.

Winter / Fall Watering

Spider plants slow their growth during fall and winter so they need a lot less water during these months.

Check the soil each week to see if it’s dry and take care to ensure that your plants are located away from heaters and air conditioners which will dry them out a lot quicker.


Spider plants are hardy and can handle being overwatered occasionally but they’re susceptible to root rot when the soil stays moist for prolonged periods of time.

How long can spider plants live without watering?

Spider plants can last around two weeks without water in warm weather or three weeks in cool weather.

If you’re planning a long vacation it’s a good idea to get someone to water your plants at least once a week to avoid stressing the plants.

Can you water spider plants with tap water?

It’s best to use rain water or filtered water for spider plants because they’re sensitive to chlorine and other chemicals that are added to tap water.

If tap water is all you have available, let it stand in the watering can overnight so that the chemicals can disperse.

Why doesn’t the water soak in?

The plant is most likely root bound if the water sits on top of the soil and takes a long time to soak in.

Root bound means that the roots are tightly packed into the pot, making it hard for the water to get through.

Gently slide the plant out of the pot and if the roots are tightly coiled around the bottom of the pot you’ll know it’s time to repot your plant.

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Can you mist spider plants?

Spider plants will benefit from occasional misting, especially during hot, dry weather.

Mist the leaves every few days in summer to help increase humidity.

It’s best to mist indoor plants in the morning to give the water time to evaporate before nightfall.

Can spider plants be watered from the bottom?

Spider plants can be bottom watered every few weeks to give them a deep watering.

Bottom watering is a technique that involves placing the plant in a shallow container filled with water.

This allows the plant to absorb as much water as it needs and encourages the roots to grow down towards the bottom of the pot.

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bottom watering plants

So there are my tips for watering indoor spider plants.

Spider plants are beautiful houseplants that add interest to indoor gardens and with the right watering schedule you can ensure that your spider plants will be flourishing and healthy for many years to come. [1]


Do you have spider plants as part of your plant collection? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. ShulamithJust

    Just found you, I look forward to seeing more hints and advice. TIA

  2. Birgit

    I didn’t know you could water plants with filtered water. I was always told to use tap water because of the minerals in it.

  3. Neena Morgan

    Yes I have a spider plant and love it. Mine has brown tips, what am I doing wrong?

    1. Kelly Taylor

      Hi Neena, brown tips on spider plant leaves can be caused by overwatering, underwatering or by tap water. Tap water contains chlorine, minerals and fluoride which can build up and cause the leaves to turn brown.

  4. Mary

    Yes, I have 3 different types of Spider plants. I love them!

  5. Ramona

    Hi, I have my spider plant in my patio that is very sunny. We will be adding a covering about 6 months. My leaves turn brown and have to trim them off. I try to water every couple of days and mist occasionally. Any suggestions?

    1. Kelly Martin

      Hi Ramona, I’ve found that my spider plants grow best with indirect sunlight. It might be best to move your plant somewhere less sunny until you install the covering over the patio.

  6. Mary Fox

    Thank you for your information, but my big question is how do I get my spider plant to “make baby spiders”? My spider plant has NONE!

  7. Denise

    I have two different types of Spider plants. I have a baby that I accidently pulled off when taking a dead leaf off. I put it in water for now until I get a small pot to put it in. I love them.

  8. Melody

    I have many plants and all are doing well except my spider. It did not bloom and has brown tips.
    My plants are indoors, watered once a week daily misting and Miracle Grow once a month in the water that has set for a couple days . I live in Las Vegas and it’s very dry.

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