How To Use Valerian Flowers

Valerian flowers can be pink or white and they’re a sign that the plant is ready to produce seeds.

You can remove valerian flowers to prevent the plants going to seed and spreading in the garden or allow the plants to bloom and enjoy the beautiful fragrant flowers.

In this article I’ll share 3 different ways to use valerian flowers from your garden.

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pink valerian flower

Valerian plants (Valeriana officinalis) can grow up to 5 feet (1.5 metres) tall, forming a large clump. [1]

After a couple of years you can divide the roots to propagate more plants.

Most gardeners grow valerian to harvest the roots, but the plants also produce beautiful vanilla scented flowers that can be pink or white in color.

Pink valerian flowers traditionally symbolize happiness and joy, while the white flowers symbolize purity.

valerian blooming

They’re ideal for planting along driveways, in herb gardens and perennial flower beds.

Valerian flowers are great for attracting bees, butterflies, moths and hoverflies so they’re an excellent addition to a pollinator garden.

When harvesting valerian flowers, pick only the ones you need and leave the rest for the pollinators.

If your valerian plants are going to seed, let them bloom so you can collect their seeds for sowing in the fall or spring.

Valerian plants are classified as invasive weeds in some areas, so check with your local authority before planting them in your garden.

white valerian flower

When does valerian bloom?

Valerian plants bloom during the summer months so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the flowers.

The spent flowers can be removed to keep the plants looking tidy and once the plants have finished flowering you can cut them down to ground level.

Valerian is a perennial herb so it will grow back the following year.

How to use valerian flowers from your garden

1. Allow them to bloom

Valerian plants produce an abundance of flowers so they look great in the garden when they’re blooming.

Allowing the plants to bloom means that you’ll attract lots of bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects to your herb garden and these insects will pollinate other plants in your garden as well.

valerian flowers

2. Make a flower arrangement

Valerian flowers can be picked straight from the garden to make an attractive cut flower arrangement.

You can also combine valerian flowers with lavender and other fragrant flowers from your garden.

3. Collect the seeds

Instead of buying valerian seeds to plant each year, you can easily collect the seeds from your plants.

To collect valerian seeds, leave a few flowers on the plant until they turn brown.

Cut the flowers off with a pair of sharp scissors, place them in a paper bag and leave it in a cool, dry place for a week or two to dry out.

Remove the dried flowers from the paper bag and crush the flowers to release the seeds.

Store the valerian seeds in an envelope to plant the following year.

pale pink valerian flower

So there are my tips for using valerian flowers from your garden.

Even if you don’t harvest the roots, valerian plants can provide you with beautiful pink and white blooms that will attract plenty of butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects.

They’re great for the late summer garden when other plants have finished blooming.

I hope this article has given you some ideas to use the beautiful flowers from your valerian plants.


Do you have valerian flowers growing in your garden? Let me know in the comments below.

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