How To Get Peace Lilies To Flower

Peace lilies (Spathiphyllum) are popular indoor plants with dark green leaves and tall white flowers.

The flowers are said to resemble the white flag of peace, which is how the plants get their name.

In this article I’ll share my tips for getting peace lilies to bloom and extending the bloom time.

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Peace lily flowers are made up of a spadix (a spike with very small flowers) which is surrounded by a bract, known as the spathe.

The spathe is usually pure white, but it can also have a hint of green.

When do peace lilies bloom?

Healthy peace lily plants will bloom twice a year, in spring and again in fall.

The flowers usually last for one to two months before turning brown.

Why isn’t my peace lily blooming?

Peace lily plants that you buy from nurseries and garden centers are nearly always immature plants that have been stimulated to flower using gibberellic acid, a natural plant hormone.

It’s not uncommon for new peace lily plants to have a long period of not flowering after they’ve been treated with gibberellic acid and sometimes it just takes a bit of time before the plants start blooming on their own.

peace lily blooming

Some other reasons your peace lily may not be flowering include:

Not enough light

Peace lilies can tolerate low light but they flower much better when they receive bright, indirect light.

Try moving your plant to a spot that receives at least 6 hours of indirect light each day.

Not enough water

Peace lilies will sag when they dry out, letting you know that they need water.

Give the plants a deep watering at least once a week and more often during the summer months.

You can also mist the leaves with a spray bottle in summer.

Optimal temperature

Peace lilies are tropical plants and they flower best when the temperature is between 65 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 30 Celcius).

Indoor peace lilies should be situated away from heaters and air conditioners.

green peace lily flower

Why are my peace lily flowers green?

The flowers usually have a greenish tinge when they first unfold, before turning pure white.

As the flowers begin to die off they will turn green or yellow before becoming brown.

Green peace lily flowers can also be caused by overfertilizing the plants.

It’s best to fertilize peace lilies every couple of months during spring and summer but hold off on the fertilizer during winter when the plants aren’t actively growing.

Peace lily flowers can also turn green from too much sunlight so it’s best to situate your peace lily away from direct sunlight.

Removing spent flowers

Once the flowers begin to turn brown it’s time to remove them.

Use a pair of sharp scissors or pruning shears to cut the stem of the flower at the base of the plant.

Don’t try to pull the flower stem off because it can damage the plant.

brown peace lily flower

Are peace lily flowers toxic?

The flowers are mildly toxic to humans and pets if they’re ingested and they can cause nausea, skin irritation, a burning sensation in the mouth and difficulty swallowing. [1]

Can you repot a peace lily while it’s flowering?

Peace lilies don’t mind being slightly root bound but if you notice roots growing out the bottom of the pot then it’s time to move the plant to a bigger pot.

The best time to repot peace lilies is spring and if you’re gentle with the roots the plant will continue blooming in it’s new pot.

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Peace lily

Here’s a quick video that shows how to get your peace lily plant to rebloom. I hope you find it helpful.

So there are my tips for getting peace lily plants to bloom.

With the right care you can enjoy many beautiful peace lily flowers during the year.


Do you have trouble getting peace lilies to bloom? Let me know in the comments below.

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peace lily plants blooming

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  1. Sharon

    Can I seperate my peace lily to have more than one plant?

    1. Kelly Martin

      Hi Sharon, yes you can divide peace lilies and pot up the crowns in separate pots.

  2. Cheryl Amundson

    It appears I may have overwatered my peace lily and it’s very limp. Will it come back?

  3. Charlotte

    Mine get limp when they need water…

  4. Annette

    My son bought me a peace Lilly for Mother’s Day, and it had 2 purple flowers on, they have only just died, my concern is the stem the flowers were on, you say to cut at the base, unfortunately mine completely fell off, and the only way I can describe the stem is it looked like a lettuce that has gone mushy, why is this? I do have new stems growing lovely but worry that something is wrong

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