How To Keep Birds Away From Fruit Trees

Birds are normally a welcome addition to the garden, but when they start eating your fruit before you have a chance to harvest it then they can become a real problem.

In this article I’ve listed 8 ways to keep birds away from your fruit trees so you can enjoy a bountiful harvest from your home orchard.

It’s best to use a few different bird control methods and rotate them regularly because the birds will become used to them over time.

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bird on a fruit tree


1. Decoy bird

One of the easiest ways to stop birds eating your unripe fruit is to place a statue of an owl or eagle in your garden.

A large decoy bird will keep birds away from your fruit trees but you may need a few of these if you have a large garden with lots of fruit trees.

I really like this fake owl that has flashing eyes and sounds to scare birds away.

2. Netting

Bird netting can be used to cover the entire fruit tree to keep the birds out.

Be sure to use fine bird netting which will prevent birds getting inside the netting and becoming stuck inside.

You can cover the tree with a plastic frame and drape the netting over the frame or place the netting directly over the tree, making sure there are no gaps at the bottom for birds to get in.

apple eaten by bird

3. Shiny objects

Hanging objects in the tree that reflect sunlight is another way to keep birds away from fruit trees.

You can use old CDs or DVDs, small aluminium trays, aluminium foil cut into strips or even shiny Christmas decorations.

Hang them from the branches with string or fishing wire so that they can move with the breeze and reflect the sunlight.

Just be careful not to blind your neighbors with bright reflections if your fruit trees are located in the front yard.

4. Ultrasonic bird repeller

Ultrasonic repellers emit sounds that are silent to humans but annoying to birds so they’ll stay away from your yard.

They’re able to cover large backyards so you’ll only need one unit.

These types of bird repellers are harmless to people and pets.

bird eating fruit tree

5. Scarecrow

A large scarecrow placed near the fruit trees is another way to keep birds away.

You can make your own using timber, old clothes and a hat or mount a small one like this to a fence.

It’s a good idea to move scarecrows around regularly so the birds don’t get used to them.

6. Moving objects

A small windmill with moving blades or spinning pinwheels located near the fruit trees is another way to repel pest birds.

7. Feed the birds

If the birds in your area have another source of food they’re less likely to eat your prized fruit.

Try placing a bird feeder in another area of your garden with seeds or grains for the birds to nibble on.

8. Liquid bird repellent

Liquid bird repellents are useful for keeping birds away from your garden and they don’t harm the birds.

This one is a natural formula that works to repel many different types of birds and it’s safe for humans and pets.

bird sitting on a fruit tree

So there are 8 ways to keep annoying birds away from your home orchard.

Using a few of these natural bird deterrents will help to stop birds eating the fruit from your backyard fruit trees.


Have you tried any of these methods to keep birds off your fruit trees? Let me know in the comments below.

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    Great tips. I have a few fruit trees in my backyard and the birds love snacking on the fruit before I get a chance to pick it! I’ll definitely try the aluminium foil hanging in the trees.

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