Hosta Flower Guide

Most gardeners grow hostas for their beautiful foliage but hostas also produce attractive flowers on tall stems.

In this guide to hosta flowers you’ll learn about the many different types of hosta blooms and I’ll answer some common questions about hosta flowers.

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What do hosta flowers look like?

Hosta flowers grow on long stalks, called scapes, with flowers along their length.

The flowers are funnel-shaped and can be white, purple, lavender or violet in color.

Hosta flowers come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, with some flower stems as tall as 12 inches (30 cm) and others just a few inches long.

Some beautiful flowering hosta varieties include:

Hosta gracillima – a dwarf hosta variety that has deep green colored leaves and produces funnel-shaped lavender-blue flowers.

Hosta guacamole – has stunning yellow-green leaves and large white flowers.

Hosta crispula – ideal for shady areas as a groundcover. This hosta variety has green and white leaves with pale lavender flowers.

When do hostas bloom?

Hostas usually start blooming in late spring to early summer, several weeks after the new growth emerges.

In mild climates, some varieties will continue to flower into fall while other varieties finish blooming in summer.

flowering hosta plants

How long do hosta flowers last?

Individual flowers on hosta plants only last for one day before dying off, but each plant will produce ten or more scapes with up to 50 flowers on each scape, so the total bloom time can be four to six weeks.

How often do hostas bloom?

Hosta plants generally produce flowers once each year but some hosta varieties known as rebloomers bloom twice each year.

Reblooming hostas need to be deadheaded as soon as the flowers fade to allow the new scapes to come up in their place.

Some popular reblooming hostas include Blue Bayou, Lemon Sorbet and Pearl Lake.

Should I let my hosta plants flower?

Whether or not you let your plants bloom is up to you.

Some gardeners see the flowers as a distraction from the hostas best feature – its foliage, but others like to enjoy the flowers as well.

Hosta flowers are also great for attracting bees and other beneficial insects to your garden.

Using hosta flowers in floral arrangements

The best time to pick hosta flowers for cut flower arrangements is when there are two flowers open on each scape.

Over the next two weeks the rest of the flowers will open, filling your home with their beautiful fragrance.

Do I need to deadhead hosta flowers?

It’s a good idea to cut the scapes off when the flowers start to fade.

This will keep the plants looking tidy and prevent them from diverting energy into producing seeds for the next year.

Use a pair of pruning shears or sharp scissors to cut the scapes close to the base of the plant.

Are hosta flowers edible?

Hosta flowers are edible and taste a bit like asparagus.

You can add hosta flowers to stir fries, salads or use them as a pretty garnish for your meals.

white hosta flowers


So there is my guide to growing and caring for hosta flowers.

I hope this guide was helpful and has inspired you to try growing some hosta flowers in your garden.

Do you let your hostas bloom? Let me know in the comments below.

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